Cacharel to launch their new fragrance with Unitag’s QR Codes

To promote their new fragrance for women «Catch me…», Cacharel unveiled a few days ago a marketing campaign that contains a QR Code jointly created with Unitag, a French startup from Toulouse (France) specialized in this technology.

This QR Code was designed specifically for this campaign and gives access to a dedicated mobile website where consumers can discover the playful and seductive «Catch Me…» universe. A complete digital experience is made available on smartphones via a game on Facebook or by watching the new fragrance advertising spot.

This QR Code can also be found on the «Catch Me…» packaging set and will provide an ongoing experience for customers who purchased the perfume.


Cacharel collaborated with Unitag to benefit from their expertise in the design of QR Codes and also to have access to their latest monitoring and analytics solutions to ensure a smooth running of the marketing campaign.

With a 96% growth in 2012, QR Codes are establishing themselves as the easiest and most efficient way to access a targeted digital campaign. This operation is a real smart use of this technology and the first results are a direct evidence of its quality. The campaign start was one of the best starts of all marketing campaigns handled by Unitag for other famous brands.

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