UNITAG launches its first mobile app, QR Code Scanner: Ad-free. Simple. Powerful.

ailable as a free download, in both iPhone and Android versions, the new application was designed by the QR Code specialist Unitag to be fast and simple – with one ultimate goal: to provide a seamless scanning experience without ads.

With the release of QR Code Scanner, Unitag adds a new channel to its turnkey mobile marketing platform, allowing users to easily create and manage end-to-end mobile marketing campaigns.

No Ads for a new enhanced scanning experience

QR Code Scanner UnitagIn response to growing demand from its users and customers, facing a rise of mobile advertising in existing QR Code readers, Unitag decided to create its own scanner app: ad-free, simple and reliable.

Thanks to an intuitive interface, QR Code Scanner makes mobile scanning as easy and friendly as possible and reads all types of QR Codes.

By scanning QR codes on business cards, newspapers, billboards or products, smartphone users can access valuable information and interactive content from their phone in one single step: e.g. to get exclusive deals or product information, watch videos on-the-go or add a contact automatically to the address book.

According to Benoît Reulier, Unitag co-founder and chief marketing officer: “We listened to both our marketer and individual customers and decided to launch QR Code Scanner. We made this new reader app ad-free and as simple as possible, with the objective to continue to develop the use of QR Codes and mobile web.”

From its design QR generation tool to its brand new mobile app, Unitag has focused since the beginning on creating innovative, accessible and easy-to-use QR Code applications for everyone.


Unitag Press contact

Allison Duffourd, Digital Place – +33 5 34 31 41 99 – allison.duffourd@digitalplace.fr


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